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Wave Narrow System

Wave Narrow System

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Start off your van build right by choosing this curated package with everything you need to get your Vans garage organized.

Included in the Wave Narrow System:

Wave Narrow Tray (19-31" width)

Radar Gear Wall (18")

2 Bike Fork Plates

1 Set of POW arms (Enough for 2 sets of skis or snowboards)

Dial in your summer adventures and winter shredding with our Wave Bundles! Everything you need to equip your gear garage for year-round usage is included - ski, snowboard, hike, bike etc. Get the most out of your vans storage space and make sure you're ready to roll, no matter what season.

Perfect for the needs of one or two people, you can carry everything you need for your weekend getaway or extended adventures. Grab your partner and get ready to get outside!

Rocky Mounts are shown for display only and must be added separately.

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