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AM Slide out Tray

AM Slide out Tray

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The AM Slide out Tray is Radio vans fixed width tray.  It is compatible with all our Wave accessories to dial in your gear garage storage setup but in a fixed 19" width and 60” length.  This size allows for up to 3 side by side trays in your van.


A slide-out tray is a key upgrade for your adventure vans gear garage, providing easy access to it all without having to crawl into your van.  With our slide-out tray, open the levers and pull out, bringing all your gear within reach.  


The AM tray has 60" of useable depth and 17" of internal width allowing for easy storage of 2 bikes inside your van or a whole lot of other adventure gear!


A pull out tray is particularly useful for bikes and e-bikes allowing you to conveniently load and unload them from your campervan.  Using the Fork Mount Adaptor plate you have endless options for storing your bikes in your van.  By making it easier to access your bikes you can get riding faster.


Do you want the most out of your trays storage space? Check out our Radar Array Gear Wall.  Using its vertical storage you can really make every inch count.


Whether you're trying to easily access the very back of your adventure vans gear garage or need to be outfitted to carry multiple bikes the AM slide out tray has you locked in.



  • L-track compatible
  • Protected Latch Placement
  • Direct Mount of Fork Mounts
  • Fixed Cargo Tie Down Points


What's in the name; AM  Radio doesn't change its wavelength during transmission and is fixed just like our AM slide out tray!  It still gets the job done though!


The AM Tray is not designed as a work platform and should not be used for human occupancy.

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