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Jammer Tray Stop

Jammer Tray Stop

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The Jammer is a stopping device for Wave and ShortWave trays.  The Jammer adds additional locking force to keep your tray in place and allows infinite stop points along your trays travel range.  Using the Jammer in the trays closed position is recommended for offroad and heavy use.


Your gear trays don't always need to be in the full closed or open position. With the Jammer you can now lock it in any position which is super helpful in angled parking spots or when you don't want the tray drifting on you and don't have the space to have it fully open.


Installation of the Jammer involves some minor modifications of the mounting rails that will not impact any of the trays current functionality.


What's in the name; The Jammer jams the Wave in place. Though in the real world radio jammers actually broadcast noise on your wavelength so you can't communicate.

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